IDdesign operates with three style groups covering products for everyone - from the most
romantic customer to the most minimalistic, modern customer.


International inspiration and artistic details characterize the theme. The trend allows experimenting with materials, surfaces, form and function. The trend’s main purpose is to be evocative and help create unique experiences in the home with sumptuous décor. Materials like metals, dark fabrics, glass, marble and dark patinated wood are combined to create a feeling of tranquility and opulence in a masculine way. The colours embrace classic tones from the lightest end of the palette – straight to the dark end with warm shades of green and blue. The geometrical and sculptural patterns contain a clear historical Art Déco reference from the 1920s and 1930s - a time period where the idea of shapes, colours and textures were challenged. The simple aesthetics and the high quality of craftsmanship are essential to the theme and will include inspiration from many cultures and traditions - both contemporary and traditional. The trend rejoices Nordic simplicity that meets the decadence of historicalages.


The scenic splendors of the Scandinavian nature have flourished in every element of design for many years. This trend is an aesthetic and calming universe with endless combinations. The Nordic style has its distinctive materials like wood, ceramics, glass, leather and soft textiles. Tactile interiors are blurring the lines between soft and hard furnishing to make the daily life serene. One antidote to our fast paced digital world is to surround ourselves with tactile objects made by hand. That is why handcrafted speckled ceramics are trending. Create a unique table setting with something artisan made with perfect imperfections. The colors combine bright, almost transparent winter colors with douche summer colors. The calm shades will make the room appear large and airy. However, the trend aims to develop the classic Nordic style into something new. This is why we see happier color constructions than before. The trend is characterized by simplicity and functionality and its main purpose is to create a feeling of relaxation and pleasure. The style pays tribute to Minimalism that emerged in the 1950s. The essence of the theme culminates when memories and tradition meet new ways of thinking.


The trend consists of classical aesthetics shared with exceptional details that appeal to the senses. The elegant style invites to create a personal home with unique stories and a touch of modern sophistication. The prominent trend highlights some of the most extravagant materials like velvet, brass, marble, silk and faceted crystal glass. The composition of materials is setting the stage for an opulent lifestyle and creates a calm feeling of serenity. The colors vary from pale satin rose to deep burgundy. The feminine forms and beautiful tone-in-tone shades add a romantic twist to the theme. The style is inspired by new boutique hotels and the inspiration stems from the most prominent hotels. There is nothing quite as indulgent as staying at a luxe boutique hotel. The trend is characterized by soft silhouettes, classy finishes and contemporary lines. Every feature, from the tiniest detail to the color of the materials selected, adds up to create a glorious atmosphere of opulence in a feminine way.